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31st January

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MAD MONKEYS INC The Madness begins.

Mad Monkeys Inc is a collection of monkeys wreaking havoc on Cardano. With great hand drawn art, we aim to fuse web 3 communities with real world & Web 2 utilities.


Monkey Vision

Q1 2023 (Jan-Mar)

On January 31st and February 1st, DEFCON Mint will occur followed by Public Mint. These platforms will provide a method to gain access to the Mad Monkeys Inc ecosystem.

The Banana Empire discord game will be made available for users to play. This game will allow players to engage with the Mad Monkeys community in a fun and interactive way, while also earning rewards for their participation.

Testing of the Flex 2 Earn token system will be conducted. The Flex 2 Earn system will be a revolutionary new way for users to earn tokens when user interact on social media platforms. It will be designed to be user-friendly, and will make it easy for users to earn rewards for their contributions.

The Flex 2 Earn system will be integrated into the ecosystem. This will allow users to easily earn tokens and engage with the community through the Flex 2 Earn system.

Q2 2023 (Apr - Jun)

Tokenomics and staking for Monkeys will be developed. Users will be able to earn rewards for holding and staking the Monkeys token within the Mad Monkeys ecosystem.

Mission-based staking will be implemented. This will allow users to earn rewards for completing specific tasks or missions within our community.

Collaborations with other revenue-based projects will be established. By working with other projects, we will be able to provide users with even more opportunities to earn rewards and participate in the community.

The Banana Empire rewards will be integrated with the token. This will allow users to earn rewards for their contributions and activity, and will also help to drive the value of the our token.

Q3 2023 (Jul - Sep)

The initiation of the "Monkey Business" business catalyst program will take place. This program will focus on identifying and supporting promising new business ventures.

Market research and ground scouting for potential business ventures will be conducted. This will allow the Mad Monkeys team to identify opportunities for growth and expansion within the ecosystem.

A marketing strategy will be developed to ensure the sustainability of businesses. By focusing on long-term growth and sustainability, we will be able to provide users with a stable and reliable platform for earning rewards.

Advanced rewards mechanics for holders, including revenue share, will be implemented. This will allow holders of our token to earn a share of the revenue generated by the businesses we invest in.

Q4 2023 (Oct to Dec)

Confirmed business ventures will be acquired. By acquiring successful businesses, Mad Monkeys Inc will be able to expand its offerings and provide users with even more opportunities to earn rewards.

The percentage of revenue share for holders will be disclosed. This will allow holders of the our token to have a clear understanding of the benefits of holding and staking the token within the ecosystem.

Liquidity will be injected into the liquidity pool for the in-house token. This will help to increase the liquidity and volume of the token, making it easier for users to buy and sell the token on exchange platforms.

The "Monkey Finance" revenue-generating platform will be introduced. This platform will provide users with a new and innovative way to earn rewards using automated finance tools.

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